SurfCAM 2015 R2

SurfCAM 2015 R2

Highlights include an upgrade to the multi spindle lathe set up, a new port machining module for its renowned 5-axis cycle, and significant time savings through the enhanced hole cycle. This leads to a better understanding of which machining features are active, and means multiple transfers can be made between spindles. And the new Spindle Set-Up command makes it easier to edit the sequence window. Also, the sub-spindle part can be machined away from its home position. Advanced 5 axis Cycle The Advanced 5-Axis Cycle capability has a new Port Machining module, offering both roughing and finishing strategies. The toolpath reaches the full area with a single path, offering two types of cut pattern. Where voids or intersecting holes are detected, the toolpath is automatically adjusted, increasing the feedrate while the tool is not cutting.

Purchasing SurfCAM 2015 R2

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