Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 7

Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 7

SMSI Productivity and Graphics Group today announced the availability of Anime Studio Pro 7, the all-in-one tool for professionals and digital artists to create stunning 2D movies, cartoons and cutout animations. To speed up production workflow, Anime Studio Pro 7 provides a new, fully stocked Content Library and cutting-edge new features such as simulated physics, 3D shape design, integrated audio recording, and advanced animation tools. Anime Studio Pro 7 alleviates the need for tedious frame-by-frame design through its revolutionary bone-rigging system that enables users to create a character skeleton that moves the figure over time, offering a greater deal of control, flexibility and efficiency in the design process. The new Simulated Physics toolkit allows users to apply movement parameters to characters and objects so that they fall, rotate and react in a natural manner. Users have the power to control density, gravity, friction and springiness of objects, and adjust how objects collide.

Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 7 at low price

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Anime Studio Pro 7 Simulated Physics Feature

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