Microsoft MapPoint 2010 North America

Microsoft MapPoint 2010 North America

Operating Systems Supported: Learn to value the importance of geography and how physical demographics can and do play a vital role in the development and success of your company. Efficient Travelling With the help of detailed voice and text directions, following routes is easy to do even while driving. Additional features like mileage tracking, drive time recording and expense calculations allow you to optimize your routes to best suit your needs. Create routes that apply your demographic data Planning Routes Streamline your delivery and sales routes by focusing on areas with the most to offer. Create maps of certain territories and chart out tailored routes to fit your business goals.

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MapPoint Released MapPoint is now available for purchase and trial. New features include map settings to choose display details, expanded pushpins, and the ability to send routes to your GPS device. Customized Map Settings — Choose whether cities, highways, local roads and parks show on your map.

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