Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise

Exchange Server and Exchange Server are available in two server editions: Enterprise Edition: Can scale up to mounted databases per server.

Purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise

Part 1 - Install and Configure Exchange Server - MS Expert Talk

Standard: designed to help users be more productive from virtually any platform, browser, or mobile device, with features in Exchange Server that help your users be productive no matter where they are—while helping protect your organization's enable Standard CAL features for a user, the user must be licensed with the Standard CAL. Exchange Server license types. Exchange and all later versions use a licensing model that's similar to how Exchange was licensed: Server licenses: A license must be assigned for each Exchange server. The Server license is sold in two server editions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Exchange Server is more secure than any previous version out of the box, ensuring only the newest ciphers and hashing algorithms are used to protect your data. Simpler Administration Exchange Server makes administration easier for common tasks such as calendar and delegate management.

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