MAMP Pro 1.9.3

MAMP Pro 1.9.3

Setting up a Magento site on your Local Machine Setting Up a Magento Site on your Local Machine Setting up Magento Community or Enterprise Solutions for local development can be a little tricky, but with these tips you can be up and running in no time Here's what we will cover: If this annoys you as much as me, it is easy enough to move your doc root folder to any place you like such as your Sites folder set up in OS X Step 1: I personally use MAMP, but Pro adds a couple of handy features for managing domain names which we will do manually in this tutorial. Most of our team has a single —local— second level domain, and use a different hostname for each client site they are working on. For example: An alternate route is to create a custom domain name for each client no purchase of a domain name is necessary, as these are only resolved locally. For this tutorial, let us use the first option:

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A re-boot of your computer or a re-install of MAMP may sometimes solve the problem aswell Really, if you have a need for this, there is nothing better than MAMP. Like 3 Dmnelson 21 September As someone who's perfectly capable of setting up my own server software on Mac or Linux, I still find this valuable.

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