- Blender 2.6 Essential Training - Blender 2.6 Essential Training

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Working with cameras 04m 47s Creating camera targets with constraints 03m 43s Render properties 05m 07s Adding motion blur 04m 10s Creating depth of field 07m 08s Basic Animation Understanding the Timeline 04m 03s Animating objects 06m 26s Editing animation in the Graph Editor 08m 36s Using the Dope Sheet 04m 53s Path animation 04m 32s Facial animation using shape keys 04m 40s Understanding armatures 06m 02s Fitting an armature to a creature 07m 23s Deforming a character with an armature 03m 49s Setting up inverse kinematics 03m 53s Controlling the hips and body 02m 01s Animating in Pose mode 02m 47s Creating a test animation 09m 24s Conclusion Goodbye 00m 15s While you won't become a Blender expert with these video the numerous amount of videos are extremely well produced and for the most part explained very well by the author.

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