iStat Menus 4

iStat Menus 4

More images Glance what your Mac is up to with iStat Menus 5. Your Mac is like any computer that it needs a lot of care and checking. It may have the latest in hardware and software specs, but it needs to be checked every now and them. This app has more detailed stats for you to fawn over, better per app stats, daylight indicator, time and world clocks for over more than , cities, supports various languages, realtime listing of sensors, realtime CPU graphs, realtime grapghs of your network and more. Hyper Threading cores can be hidden, see child processes and parent processes, disk activity among others can be done with this app. A detailed analysis of your Mac with iStat Menus 5.

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Description The most powerful system monitoring app for macOS, right in your menubar. All in a highly optimised, low resource package. Each of the dropdown menus provides access to even greater detail including history graphs for access to up to 30 days of data.

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