BusyMac BusyCal

BusyMac BusyCal

A flexible calendar app for when time is tight Free Download Sounds good? Well it looks good too. Plus, customize the layout even further. Not only can you choose font style and size, and color-code events, you can also set how many weeks are displayed in the month view and the days in the week view. The interface is built to fit your needs exactly. Handy to-dos Schedule and track your to-do items as the calendar seamlessly incorporates them into your life.

Low cost BusyMac BusyCal

FAQ - How do I migrate from an old computer to a new computer?

This is incredibly useful to me because I need to see a spatially organized view of my day or week not a uniform list but I also like to have my to-dos in the same app, visually distinct but right there. Hard to explain but no other calendar app seems to be able to do this. A bug I noticed:

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