Autodesk Alias Design 2021

Autodesk Alias Design 2021

It provides you with features for sketching, illustration and image editing, among others. Create different types of CAD projects Projects put together in the professional interface of Autodesk Alias Design can be exported as rapid prototypes, animations, Illustrator files or mask layers, and even translated into VRML 2. The palette put at your disposal enables you to pick, transform and paint objects, edit their properties, add and edit curves, modify surfaces, mesh items, explore several viewing modes, perform analysis e. Design, edit, manipulate and view objects From the control panel it's possible to create and manage different shelves, keep track on the objects you're currently manipulating, tinker with helpful display tools e.

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Autodesk Alias Design Power your creative process and improve efficiency from concept to development with a range of advanced sketching, modeling, surfacing, and visualisation tools specially tailored for technical surfacing and class-A surfacing modeling. Industrial designers can quickly go from compelling visual communications to concept modeling to production-quality models all within a hybrid 2D-to-3D workflow.

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