Autodesk Advance Steel 2017

Autodesk Advance Steel 2017

So what can users expect to see? Modeling tools Advance Steel reportedly will have a handy new tool for inserting intelligent cold-rolled sections like purlins and side-rails, along with any necessary connections. This tool can be started from the Connection vault in the software and will let users pick from default or custom vendors to create a bill of materials BOM. Advance Steel's new tool for inserting cold-rolled sections promises improved efficiency. Image courtesy of Autodesk. The update also lists improved access to customized fabrication data as one of its new features. Users will be able to transfer fabrication data properties between assemblies using the Match Properties command.

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All the tools are designed for fast and efficient modelling, creating a precise BIM model to enable Advance Steel to subsequently generate all project documents drawings, lists, NC files from the model. Advance Steel provides the user with a large library of structural elements and design functions such as:

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